Contruction and restoration of foundry patterns on drawings supplied by customers

Thanks to the collaboration of our model making partners we are able to create resin, wood and metal patterns on the 2D or 3D drawings supplied by our customers.


Thanks to our specialized and reliable partner machining workshops and on request of our customers we are able to carry out turning, milling and metal chip removal operations.


We can carry out stabilizing heat  treatments on castings in order to reach the mechanical and technical specifications requested by our customers.

Pressure tests

Upon the specific requests of our customers we are able to carry out the loctite impregnation process on the finished castings and  non- destructive tests (pressure tests, penetrants and x rays) in order to certificate the casting and machining quality.

Shipment of rough and machined castings

We are able to support our customers in the research of suitable packaging services and carriers according to the final destination and kind of casting.