The Company

Fonderia Sancisi was founded thanks to the intuition and foresight of Dino Sancisi in 1966 and is now managed by his son Maurizio and his daughter Dianella.
The foundry is located in faenza on a 6000 sq.m site, of which 3000 indoors, and has a team of 15 members of staff.
Fonderia Sancisi in specialized in the transformation of aluminium and copper alloys, particularly aluminium bronze and manganese brasses, materials particularly suited for use in the nautical, petrochemical and drinking water treatment sectors as well as other contexts requiring heightened mechanical and chemical resistance.
Our company mainly works to orders which are completed using a modern no bake resin sand moulding plant complete with a system for the regeneration of used sands, both mechanical and thermal types. Alongside this innovative plant, a traditional “green” plant is used in the production of medium-light casts and serial production. Three tilting furnaces of over 800kg and two fixed furnaces of over 200kg allow us to obtain casts of over 1000 kg.
Fonderia Sancisi has been implementing an order management system which guarantees the traceability of casts in all phases of the production cycle. The company is also on its way towards obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification through the accredited body DNV.
The company has a warehouse as well for the sales of semi-finished (bars, pipes etc.) in aluminium, bronze, copper, brass and cast iron.
In 2000 Fonderia Sancisi realized the Holy Door of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome by the artist Enzo Luigi Mattei.
The company firmly believes in values upheld by sport and as such, from the outset, it has always been the main sponsor of the local Rugby Team. TThis discipline, based on loyal competition, dedication, a sense of responsibility and team play, are a reflection of what we believe ought to be the guidelines of every enterprise.